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Olympia Immigration

Your journey to Canada starts here.

At Olympia Immigration we practice a full range of Canadian Immigration applications be it for a temporary stay or permanent residency. Immigration is all we practice making it the focus point of our firm. We promise to take care of you from the inception to the final decision of your Immigration process. With our experience and expertise you can rest assured that your dreams of studying, living, working and reuniting with loved ones in Canada will become a reality.

We have experience in assisting a diverse global clientele and we are more than happy to travel to meet clients.

Our Mission 

At Olympia Immigration we are aware of the changing world we live in today. The world has been fragmented by war, globalization and the search for a better livelihood. People who desire to come to Canada are either fleeing conflict, searching for a better home for their families, navigating their way to better opportunities, reuniting with family, or simply broadening their business horizons. Olympia Immigration is ready to tackle any type of situation and assist you in your journey to migrate to Canada. Immigration is one of the biggest decisions of anyone’s life, and it should be dealt with immense responsibility, integrity and excellence; the three principles of Olympia Immigration. 

Our Vision

To find you the best and most efficient option for all your Canadian immigration needs. Your success is our vision and our business.


The legal practitioners at Olympia Immigration can speak various languages. Enabling Olympia Immigration to provide all legal services in the languages listed below...










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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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