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Increase your CRS scores

The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is a points system used to assess and score your Express Entry profile. When you create an express entry profile online, you will be given points based on things like your age, education, work experience, language proficiency, provincial nomination etc. These points or your CRS score will be used to rank you against all other candidates in the Express Entry pool.

An ITA is only issued to candidates who meet the eligibility for the Express Entry programs such as the Federal Skilled Worker program, Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Trades program and some Provincial Nominee Programs. Furthermore, the ITA is issued to candidates in the Express Entry pool who have a CRS score above the cut-off threshold score as determined in each draw.

Becoming an Express Entry candidate and receiving an invitation to apply for Canadian permanent residency is one of the best ways to gain permanent residency in Canada. However, it is also one of the most difficult ways to gain immigration status. The more CRS points a candidate scores, the better their chances of receiving an ITA and eventually permanent residency.

Here are some of the ways in which you can increase your CRS scores and ITA chances:

• Graduation from a higher level of schooling: Canadian or foreign;

• Canadian work experience or reaching an additional year of Canadian work experience;

• Obtaining a certificate of qualification;

• Improved language test scores. You can do language tests more than once;

• Increase your work experience in general;

• Canadian job offer;

• Receiving a provincial or territorial nomination certificate. This will give the candidate an additional 600 points in the CRS

• Addition of a spouse of common-law partner. This may increase or decrease the candidates CRS scores depending on the additional persons’ own human capital score

Changes that could decrease a candidate's CRS score:

• New language test score sat a lower level

• Loss of a qualifying offer of arranged employment

• Candidates birthday occurs before an ITA is issued or before an e-APR and CRS score is lowered due to new age

Express Entry is a complex system where the slightest change in your circumstances or the smallest mistake can change the entire course of your application and future. It is strictly recommended that you seek the guidance of a professional when you attempt an Express Entry application.

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