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What is Express Entry?

Express Entry (EE) is an online system created by Immigration Canada. EE uses a points based system to allow foreign nationals to apply for Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada under 3 specific programs. Candidates with the highest points are given invitation to apply for Permanent Residency.

So how does EE work exactly?

  • Make an EE profile on the Canadian Immigration website

  • Add all your information in the profile such as academic background, work and personal information

  • Submit your application (expression of interest)

  • Immigration Canada will rank your profile based on a points system

  • Candidates with the highest rank will be invited to apply for permanent residency

  • You will have 90 days from the time you receive your invitation to apply to provide the rest of your documents to be considered for Canadian Permanent Residency

Can anyone make an EE profile online?

Yes anyone can create an EE profile, however, only those eligible will be considered for PR. Remember, to always check your eligibility under EE or any other immigration program before submitting an application. If you submit an application and are refused, it will become difficult to apply to Canadian Immigration again in the future.

Express Entry is made up of 3 programs:

  1. The Skilled Worker Program

  2. The Skilled Trades Program

  3. The Canadian Experience Class

You must be eligible under one of these programs in order to submit your Expression of Interest in EE.

How can I check my eligibility for EE?

Your eligibility and your points are based on the following:

  • Your age

  • Your education (Canadian and/or foreign)

  • Your work experience (Canadian and/or foreign)

  • Your level of speaking, reading, writing and listening English and/or French

  • Canadian job offer

  • Your spouse’s age, education, work experience etc.

How long does it take to apply for EE?

The government aims to complete processing of EE applications in 6 months, however, this time frame may be affected by situations such as global pandemics, backlogs, incomplete or missing documents, or misrepresentation.

Will my EE profile expire if I do not receive an invitation?

Your EE profile will be active for 12 months and the draws happen bi-weekly which means you will have 24 chances of getting an invitation to apply for PR, given your application ranks high enough. After 12 months, your EE profile will expire but you can always create another one.

Remember, receiving an invitation to apply does not guarantee Canadian Permanent Residency. Receiving an invitation to apply simply means that you have completed one section successfully by scoring enough points to get to the second section of EE. to obtain Canadian PR, It is crucial to submit a complete and strong application. You risk refusal of your application if you submit an incomplete, weak or have missing documents in your application.

For more information

If you do not qualify for an Express Entry given the grounds stated above, you may be eligible for another application. Consult Olympia Immigration to find out what application suits your situation more appropriately.

Getting professional help is always recommended. Olympia Immigration has assisted many clients with different immigration matters. Contact us for more information on how to apply for an Express Entry based Permanent Residency or any other immigration related matter. For more details call 647-325-2905.

Your success is our business!


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