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Saskatchewan invites 385 candidates to apply for Canadian Permanent Residency

On January 7, 2021 the Saskatchewan government held a SINP draw and invited a total of 385 candidates to apply for Canadian Permanent Residency. Of the 385, 148 invitations were sent through the Express Entry sub-category and the remaining 237 invitations went to Occupations In-Demand candidates.

Remember, in order to receive an invitation from SINP, the candidates must submit an Expression of Interest to the province and their education and work experience must fall under the occupations In-Demand. To be eligible, your occupation must fall under the NOC codes A, B and O (NOC C and D are not eligible). All the candidates invited for the January 7th 2021 draw had work experience in one of the 79 occupations included in the In-Demand occupations by the province.

To be a successful candidate for the SINP, you must demonstrate that you have the potential to succeed in their regional labour market. You can showcase this through your education background, your work experience, your language ability and so on.

Congratulations to all the invitees!

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